Hotels and the catering industry: where good hygiene creates trust

Maximum hygiene is a must in the hotel and catering industry, meaning it is important to make your high hygiene standards both visible  to chefs in the kitchen, for restaurant staff and, of course,  your guests.

Good hygiene not only ensures protection in  areas such as kitchens and washrooms, it also creates extended trust in you and your company –  further ensuring your success.

Hygiene goes hand-in-hand with good service. With this in mind, you can rely on Satino by WEPA solutions. Experience how you can combine hygiene with  cost-efficient and attractive designs, while minimising effort for handling and maintenance. Set an example with the complete spectrum of your guests and visitors. 

Washrooms and WCs: places that reveal a lot about your business

Washrooms are a good indicator for the cleanliness of your hotel or restaurant – surveys even show that guests are more likely to become regulars if a washroom is found to be appealing and hygienic.

In the washroom and WC you demonstrate how important the health and safety of your guests is to you – with well thought-out solutions for good hygiene, ranging from hygiene paper to dispenser systems.

Guest areas and entrance areas

Send a clear signal: with sanitiser stands in the entrance area you make sure your hygiene standards are visible right from the start. Hand disinfection not only helps to effectively break possible chains of infection, it can also make your guests feel safer and show that your business is serious about hand hygiene.  

Hygiene for professional kitchens –
made easy with Satino by WEPA

Wherever food is prepared, hygiene is vital – not only because it is required by law, but also because this is the only way to effectively protect staff and guests. Professional kitchens are busy places that not only require a lot of routine but also speed. Hygiene equipment in kitchens must perform to the highest standards.

Responsibility in service: what does this mean for your team?

Hygiene requires routines such as HACCP. You can also raise the awareness of your teams to understand important hygiene measures and perform them correctly themselves. This is what you should know and keep in mind:

  • Washing your hands includes drying them. This is because microorganisms spread particularly well on warm, moist skin. The most effective method according to scientific evidence is hand drying with disposable paper towels. Airflow dryers should not be used near the kitchen and are not recommended in washrooms: they blow germs that might still be on hands onto surfaces, clothing and into the room.
  • Enable staff and guests to benefit from smooth hygiene procedures throughout. Make sure that disinfectants, soaps, towel paper, toilet paper and toilet seat cleaner are always refilled.. Checklists and routine checks help, but so does the right equipment: e.g. dispensers that do not require regular refills.
  • Hygiene is more than just cleanliness. Cleanliness is a given, and hygiene should be clearly visible: especially as it has now taken on a whole new significance in people's lives.

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