Satino by WEPA

Imagine a brand that can do more than just hygiene.

A brand that creates modern hygiene solutions and turns washrooms into a reflection of your business. Whose products thrill people with their functionality, comfort and friendliness to the environment, products that make us feel good and redefine hygiene – exclusive, appealing and modern.

A brand that is backed by a committed team of experienced professionals that support the expansion of your business with their know-how and expertise. 

Satino by WEPA

The Satino Freshness philosophy makes customer wishes come true

Customers and washroom users do not want to compromise when it comes to hygiene. They want a strong, quality product that provides instant freshness and a comfortable washroom experience, whether at the office, on school premises or while travelling.

With Satino by WEPA, we don't make any compromises either when it comes to hygiene solutions. Our philosophy of true freshness is perfectly attuned to the expectations and needs of washroom users. A vast variety of functional and shapely hygienic paper dispensers guarantees intelligent user friendliness down to the last detail. A large selection of hygienic papers, air fresheners, soaps, disposal systems and washroom accessories rounds off the exclusive and extensive Satino by WEPA brand portfolio.

As individual as your customers wishes

We, the maker of Satino by WEPA, are aware that our customers require bespoke solutions to satisfy customer demand. This is why our three product categories provide customised solutions for all relevant eventualities.


Become a part of Satino by WEPA

Make Satino by WEPA your brand of choice and accompany us through every step of our brand’s development journey – in the interest of your customers and your business! Market-tested in the field, our concepts add true value to the washroom experience and build mutual trust with our partners. Our aim is to provide customer satisfaction, not only at eye level, but through the full product experience. 

We, the people behind Satino by WEPA, aim to support you in every way. We do this by providing an extended product portfolio that assures you in every aspect, from quality to the overall brand image. Our new brand launch is set to exceed current standards and turn your customers’ time in the washroom into a pleasant experience.

Developing tomorrows hygiene solutions together

Our passion for paper has been our driving force for more than 70 years. This is still true today, propelling us forward into new markets and motivating us to develop new product innovations as part of our ambition, is for you to join us in this passion! Together we will create a unique washroom hygiene experience and promote sustainable growth. We will assist the customer on their out of home experiences, whether that is through their professional working environment, their travel routines or when the customer moves to their leisure activities. We will excel in catering for all their washroom needs. We assist you with sales, marketing and logistics. This way, you can concentrate on your core business and profit from our mutual successes. We will continue to invest all our energy, expertise and experience in the development of hygiene solutions that keep setting new standards.


Curious and interested in working together? Our employees will be pleased to assist you on all questions concerning our products. Please contact us - we look forward to hearing from you.

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