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The WEPA Group is a future-oriented European family business specialising in the production and distribution of sustainable hygiene paper. WEPA offers sustainable and innovative hygiene solutions that provide trust in hygiene and contribute daily to the well-being of millions of people. In 1948, the WEPA Group was founded as the “Westfälische Papierfabrik” in Arnsberg/Sauerland, Germany. Over the course of the subsequent years, the trading company for cupboard, wrapping and gift paper developed into a processing company, until the production of hygiene paper finally commenced in 1958.

Since then, WEPA has been on course for success and growth,building on the values of respect, sustainability and commitment as a family business,driving the topic of hygiene forward with innovative and sustainable products.

Hygiene papers for the whole of Europe

Change is always a constant. The first trade brands were created in 1980, and in 2001, the Europeanisation of trade and the expansion of production into other countries began: Poland, Italy, France, the UK and the Netherlands. WEPA is now among the three largest European manufacturers of hygiene paper and leads the market in the production of hygiene paper from recycled fibre.

Satino by WEPA - a brand for professionals

Our Satino by WEPA brand was created in 2019. From sanitary paper, soaps and disinfectants to multifunctional dispenser systems and disinfection columns, the high-quality products are used wherever users are not at home, but good hygiene is essential: in public washrooms, hotels and restaurants, in industry, offices and administration, in educational institutions and the healthcare sector


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