Schools, nurseries and universities: where hygiene is on the timetable

Hygiene is like a language – it can be learned, and the best thing is to start as early as possible.

Good hygiene in educational and training facilities not only protects children, adolescents and young adults, it is also vital for protecting the health of teachers, educators and other staff.

Whether nursery, school or university: individual hygiene plans and legal regulations form the basis for hygiene on location.

What you also need are robust on-site solutions that are suitable for everyday use, that function reliably and safely and that are easy to maintain and service – and can take a beating at the same time.

Washing hands plus drying hands:
fundamentals for top hygiene

Good hand hygiene can be quite simple. Washing hands with soap and water is the basis, but proper hand drying also ensures the safety that employees and their charges deserve.

But why? And how do you put this into practice in your surroundings?

The background is easily explained: international surveys show that paper towels are the most hygienic way to dry hands. This is because drying removes germs that may still cling to damp hands. The paper always comes clean from the dispenser, is only used once individually and then disposed of. A further advantage: paper towels absorb moisture particularly quickly and efficiently–taking around 10 seconds. An airflow dryer needs significantly longer to dry hands in a comparably thorough way. This is important because residual moisture on the skin promotes the growth and transmission of germs.

Electric hand dryers can also be real germ-spreaders: they swirl microorganisms that remain on the hands into the room, onto surfaces and onto clothing.

With practical and economical solutions from Satino, you can actively ensure top hygiene:

Where many paths cross:
safety through hand disinfection

Hand disinfection helps to prevent contact infections and break chains of infection – even beyond Covid. In the entrance areas of buildings, in front of lecture halls and seminar rooms, in common rooms – and wherehand washing is not possible: you can provide good protection for in-between in with hand disinfection.

Tough and easy to service:
solutions for washrooms

Robust solutions that are economical to use and easy to handle, filling takes neither time nor effort: dispensers for towel paper and toilet paper from Satino achieve top marks for daily use in nurseries, schools and universities.

A contemporary topic and a concern for the future: sustainability

More sustainability is a demand that impacts society, companies and politics. Public institutions, especially schools and universities, are also called upon to become more sustainable – and not least because it is precisely here that the "Greta generation" is paving the way.

Products from Satino by WEPA enable you to implement sustainability and environmental protection in the hygiene sector: for example, with hygiene papers made from recycled fibres or with EU Ecolabel certified soaps without microplastics/synthetic polymers, parabens or propellants.

Our pulp products and recycled products are FSC and PEFC certified and respectively bear the EU Ecolabel and Blue Angel.

Hygiene in canteens and cafeterias

In professional kitchens, a clean working environment and thorough hand hygiene are absolute must-haves. For both, you need solutions that function reliably – and that are user- and service-friendly, supporting kitchen professionals in their fast-paced work.

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