From single space to large space: hygiene at the office

Maintaining health and preventing infectious diseases from spreading: the task of workplace hygiene. In industries such as catering and healthcare, strict hygiene measures are vital. However, at the office, hygiene has had a minor role until recent events - mainly taking place in washrooms.

We may associate hygiene with the washroom but there is still an expectation for good hygiene in other places such as the kitchen and nurseries. Other focal points include entrance areas and receptions, but also common rooms and break rooms.

Good facilities and equipment are not only important for guests visiting your business, it also shows your appreciation towards employees and demonstrates that you care about their safety and health. Up to date equipment also motivates people to genuinely utilise the available hygiene facilities.

It goes without saying that attention to design and functionality is a must.

The hygiene core: the washroom

A user-friendly washroom is important for occupational health, with this in mind, we’ve put a checklist together, to ensure a high standard washroom.

User-friendly in washrooms

Safety in WC cubicles

Hygiene on arrival:
reception counters, reception areas and corridors

Hand disinfection helps to prevent the spread of infection, making it useful for situations where handwashing is not available, for example conference rooms or open-plan offices, at lifts or in corridors. Sanitiser stands are the perfect solution where the fixed installation of dispensers is not possible or visually undesirable or when there is a temporary need, e.g. at company meetings and conferences.

No time out for hygiene:
common rooms and break rooms

Cleanliness and hygiene should also be maintained in common rooms and break rooms. These areas can generate a lot of traffic and food is often consumed.

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