Satino Liquify – the 200% hygiene paper

Whether festival or camping site, ship, plane or train:
Where sanitary facilities are used frequently, have to function without a connection to the sewer system or are simply no longer state of the art, pipe blockages are a constant challenge – for operators, but also for users.

We’ve developed Satino Liquify to ensure optimum hygiene at all times:
Liquify is our innovative range of dissolving and fast dissolving hygiene papers – an unrivalled choice for all areas with sensitive infrastructures and wherever large numbers of people come together in a confined space for a short period of time.

The perfect solution for your branch, sector and needs

Travel and transport

Indoor and outdoor events
Places with high visitor frequencies

Vacuum toilets and chemical toilets

Sanitary facilities without a connection to the sewer system

Narrow or obsolete pipes

Satino Liquify

200% performance, one less thing to worry about

100 % safe to use

Whether toilet paper or towel paper: Satino Liquify means performance, functionality and safety – without compromising on quality and ease of use.

100 % fast dissolving

A special production technology and raw material mix make it possible: Satino Liquify hygiene papers disintegrate into very fine particles on contact with water.

Without compromising on quality and ease of use

Satino Liquify

Less cost, less effort – and more hygiene

Effectively and demonstrably minimises the risk of pipe blockages

Significantly reduces the need for maintenance, repair and cleaning of sanitary facilities

Proven, tested quality product from Satino by WEPA

Permanently ensures the functionality of washrooms and sanitary facilities

Improves hygiene

Ensures 100% satisfied users

Towel paper tissue format

Satino Liquify Z-fold or V-fold

Tear-resistant, absorbent and reliable to use, and unbeatably safe even afterwards: Even if Satino Liquify paper towels are improperly disposed of in the toilet, they completely decompose on prolonged contact with water thanks to their special mix of raw materials.

  • 2-ply quality, FSC® Mix certified
  • Available as Z-fold in a box or as V-fold in a practical BagPack – for optimised storage and handling

SATINO LIQUIFY Z-Fold towel paper tissue format

SATINO LIQUIFY V-fold towel paper tissue format

toilet paper

Satino Liquify toilet paper small rolls

Highly absorbent, pleasantly soft and as reliable as tried-and-tested recycled toilet paper, but superior due to its practical added value: Satino Liquify toilet paper decomposes extremely quickly on contact with water thanks to its intelligent manufacturing process.

  • 2- or 3-ply
  • EU Ecolabel certified

SATINO LIQUIFY toilet paper small rolls

Satino Liquify in practice

An inspiration for operators and users

People expect up-to-date hygiene, whether camping or on a business trip. This is where Satino Liquify scores, and not only in terms of quality and comfort. By ensuring the functionality of sanitation facilities, it also ensures that hygiene standards, especially with toilets, are maintained, and the risk of soiling, vandalism and misuse is reduced.

Satino Liquify

Tested and approved

Satino Liquify dissolving towel papers and fast dissolving toilet papers have been extensively tested* for application safety, dissolving behaviour and the trouble-free functioning of sensitive piping systems.



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