Hygiene in industry and workshops: robust solutions for the working environment

Machines, plants, tools and the people who handle them areat the centre of various industries. But what about hygiene protocols? This is part of occupational health and safety and is just as relevant as in other sectors. After all, hygiene at work should be a vital consideration for all business operations, as it prevents the spread of germs and therefore less absences.  

It is important to consider the most hygienic and economical solutions for the workplace.

Reliable hygiene in washrooms and WCs

Washrooms, WC areas and changing rooms have always had a central role in occupational hygiene in companies. The equipment and facilities must primarily be functional, user-friendly and be able to cope with the high volume of traffic at peak times, e.g. during shift changes.

As well as this, a pleasantly designed working environment has a motivating effect and shows appreciation for workers. This should be applied to washrooms as well.

Strong performance for washrooms

Hygienic and economical in WC cubicles

Hygiene in break rooms

Where people gather and food is consumed, good hygiene is a must – even if temporary measures are put in place.

Manufacturing and workshops: robust solutions made with metal products

Hygiene is also an issue in high traffic areas of operation. What counts here above all are robust solutions that can keep up with everyday work.

Practical solutions for clean working environments

Clean floors and work surfaces  ensure a pleasant working environment and safety at the same time.

Why hygiene is also important in offices and administration: read our recommendations for office workplaces

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