The future of hygiene

is curved.

Ease of use.

Aesthetic in design.

Design meets top performance and utmost user-friendliness:
The dispenser series HYGINITY sets a new standard in terms of functionality – and they make a visible contribution to improved hygiene and sustainability in washrooms.
Available in black and white.

The customer-centric innovation

Developed by leading designers and microbiologists, the HYGINITY dispenser series sets new standards in the hygiene industry and places the focus on the human element. It stands for revolutionary simplicity and cleanliness, benefiting everyone – from wholesalers and service staff to decision-makers and end-users. The series focuses on intuitive design resulting in user-friendly, time-saving and easy to install washroom solutions.

For sustainable washroom solutions

From private offices to large public facilities – the HYGINITY dispenser series focuses on sustainability in every requirement. A large proportion of mono-material, recyclability, and production from recycled black ABS are just as important as consumption down to the last sheet. A hygiene solution from Satino by WEPA, more flexible and easier than ever.

All product highlights

at a glance.


Ease of use

Intuitive operation. Designed for easy use by users, maintenance staff and installers.



Sustainably designed for durability and efficient dispensing that conserves resources.



Developed in collaboration with microbiologists to ensure increased hygienic safety.


Intuitive Design

One of Europe‘s most aesthetically appealing designs, crafted to enhance the appearance of any washroom.


360° filling level indication

An improved display of the filling level due to 360° transparent window.



The dispensers can be upgraded with sensors to be future-proof and digitally-connected.

HYGINITY — made for you,

made by Satino.

A new dimension in hand hygiene

Interfold XL Folded Towel

  • For long refill intervals and the best supply reliability – ideal for all high-traffic areas

  • Elegant design that easily integrates into nearly any washroom

  • With a surrounding viewing window

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The self-sufficient solution for comfort and economy


  • The self-sufficient choice for smaller washrooms

  • No battery or power consumption

  • With restroll function – economical and ecological

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The all-rounder for every washroom

Folded Towel Small

  • Easy to use and flexible washroom fit

  • Universal for all V- and C-fold papers from the Satino by WEPA and BlackSatino range

  • Elegant design that integrates into any washroom

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Twice as hygienic, twice as safe

Twin-Jumbo Toilet Paper Centerfeed

  • Designed for all medium to high-traffic washrooms

  • Absolutely hygienic – only the sheet to be used is touched

  • Very economical – thanks to the economical single-sheet output

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Multifunctional, simple, versatile

Clean&Care Sensor & Manual Mini

  • Available as sensor and manual – suitable for small washrooms

  • Multifunctional, easy and hygienic to operate and self-sufficient in use

  • For liquid and foam soap, disinfection and toilet sear cleaner

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