Sustainability -
a promise we keep

From raw materials to paper production to the end product, from the environment to the people in the company to society as a whole: for us as part of the WEPA Group, sustainability is firmly anchored in our thoughts and actions.

With our innovations and ideas, we are constantly providing new impetus to preserve resources and the environment for future generations. And with our products and services, we ensure that millions of people can live and work more hygienically - for a better quality of life every day. Because we are Satino by WEPA: Your premium partner for professional and sustainable hygiene.

Facts & Figures
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Raw materials of the future

Satino PureSoft points the way

Preserving raw materials, developing fibre alternatives on the basis of the circular economy and then translating them into marketable products - that is one of our goals. With Satino PureSoft, we have succeeded: The incomparably soft hygiene paper is 100% recycled and made from cardboard, has a 70 per cent lower fibre-footprint than woodbased vibres - and is also a new milestone in the cascading usage of raw materials.


Sustainable washrooms with Satino by WEPA

Circular Services by WEPA

Closing the loop together

We consistently focus on environmentally friendly production and the sustainable, economical use of resources. This also means keeping raw materials in a material cycle for as long as possible. This is exactly what Circular Services by WEPA makes possible: used and collected towel paper from an organization becomes the raw material for new hygiene paper. This closed-loop-solution measurably reduces waste - and opens up a completely new opportunity for companies and local authorities to practice verifiable sustainability.

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Conscious action

For people and nature

People are at the center of everything we do: our customers, with whom we maintain a trusting relationship and who can rely on our expertise at all times. Consumers, who benefit from reliable hygiene in their everyday lives. And our employees: with their respect, commitment and awareness of sustainability, they are a decisive factor for our success - and for yours.


Protection for products and the environment

For Satino by WEPA, responsibility for the environment also means transparency right down to our packaging. We therefore also focus on the most sustainable solution for you, thus reducing CO2 emissions and the use of fossil raw materials. We have the recyclability of our packaging assessed by the independent test institute cyclos-HTP. This not only enables us to optimise packaging in an environmentally friendly way, but above all ensures clarity and safety for you - our customers.

4+1 – the sustainability strategy of WEPA

Raw materials of the future

We use raw materials with the best ecological performance based on the circular economy.

Ecological performance of production

We strive for CO2 neutrality, a sustainable water footprint and pursue a zero-waste approach.

Sustainable hygiene paper portfolio

We want to offer the most sustainable portfolio of hygiene paper to help our customers succeed.

Innovative portfolio expansion

We are expanding our existing product portfolio to be the leading provider of sustainable hygiene solutions in Europe.

Our foundation

We act according to our values, take the interests of our stakeholders seriously and ensure the well-being of people and the environment above and beyond legal requirements.


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