Sustainability has priority

At WEPA Professional, the environment plays the main role - in every detail of our extensive range of high-quality tissue papers and at every stage of production.

We take our responsibility seriously - as a modern manufacturer of hygiene products and as a company dedicated to environmentally friendly manufacturing for many years - with dedication, professionalism and of course with "papers".

High quality and modern industrial safety are just as important to us as economic success

We were already ahead of our time in 1948, the year our company was founded. As progressive thinkers and actors in production and in our commitment to fairness concerning our employees and the environment. For example: we have always focused on recycled fibres since we started producing hygienic papers. Satino by WEPA meets the highest environmental demands and is certified in accordance with the strictest directives.

Since then, we have continuously developed this canon of values and the pillars that support it: sustainability, respect and engagement. 

WEPA creates values

Environmental aspects are integrated in all the decision making and action processes in our management system and converted to social thinking and acting. Our goal: continuous improvement of all processes, increased energy efficiency and protection of the environment, and last but not least signifcant cost reduction. This way, we create the optimum prerequisites for promoting fair market competitiveness with
fair prices and top-quality products that unite economical and ecological aspects in a future-oriented way.

We have opened a new chapter in our company history by acquiring the Dutch market leader Van Houtum. 

With Satino by WEPA we are continuing our company tradition while going new ways at the same time. Of course, this includes FSC®, nach EU Ecolabel or Blue Angel certifed products. After all, sustainability is also a very important issue with Satino by WEPA products. With joint powers, we concentrate on the task of using the potential offered by the merger to its fullest in all sectors.

In short:
by merging with Van Houtum, we have paved the way for sustainable growth based on established values and a forward orientation.

In line with our self-perception as a family-operated company with a long tradition and innovative DNA, we define economic success as the result of goal-oriented, economic actions under consideration of ecological sustainability.

Sustainability is not only on paper for us

We are already implementing our responsibility for the world of tomorrow - in practice, in relation to our customers and in the company.

Committed, innovative and with both eyes "future and present" of our environment firmly in view.

This includes:

  • FSC certification of a large portion of our virgin-fibre sanitary paper products
  • our involvement in the "EU-Ecolabel" and "Blauer Engel" projects
  • the distinction of the WEPA Group according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 a well as 50001


Curious and interested in working together? Our employees will be pleased to assist you on all questions concerning our products. Please contact us - we look forward to hearing from you.

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