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Simple cleaning and hygiene: tips for a safer workplace

It’s a New Year and with hygiene remaining at the forefront of people’s minds, now is the perfect…

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Now that’s clever: hygiene in a box

If the demand for hand hygiene increases suddenly, the new recyclable Satino by WEPA towel…

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Crepe vs. tissue

While appearances are not everything, Satino by WEPA tissue towel paper is a real looker. Its…

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Satino wishlist

Satino-by-wepa – Experience the full diversity of our product world. Now with a new feature!

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Hand hygiene is a tried and tested way to protect against infection

At present, Germany and practically the whole world are in the grip of the Coronavirus. And when it…

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Infographic ETS

Hot air and washroom viruses

Sometimes history repeats itself. Sadly, this also applies in the times of the coronavirus. A…

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Catching the eye of the male demographic: sanitary box stickers in men's toilets

Why our sanitary waste bin stickers in men's toilets send out just the right message, and why…

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Paper is variety in the shape of fibres

Paper is much more than just something to write on. It can also help you to secure your competitive…

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InterClean 2020 - The international trade fair for hygiene and cleaning - has been cancelled

InterClean 2020 - the international trade fair for hygiene and cleaning - has been cancelled and…

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The new Satino by WEPA website – a way to find what you're looking for in a more targeted, faster and better…

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