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Clean&Care dispenser sensor large

SF1 compatible

For medium to high frequencies – unsurpassed hygiene and convenience thanks to sensor operation, and extremely economical due to long refill intervals: the dispenser can be filled with 1,000 ml of foam soap or liquid soap, sanitiser or toilet seat cleaner. Battery operation or connection to mains power possible.


  • Multifunctional dispenser for foam soap or liquid soap, sanitiser or toilet seat cleaner
  • Maximum hygiene thanks to touch-free operation
  • Economical and reliable dosing
  • LED display for operational readiness and charging status
  • Battery or power operation
  • With Satino by WEPA standard and permanent key
  • Satino by WEPA mounting plate enables quick mounting or replacing
  • CE- and RoHS certified

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Art. no.: 331060

Product Sensor Large Clean&Care Dispenser
Frequency Individual
Dimensions (mm) 154 (W) x 268 (H) x 112(D)
Colour White
Packaging unit 1
Pallet 340
Filling Capacity 700ml / 1000ml
Width transport unit (cm) 16
Height of transport unit (cm) 27
Length of transport unit (cm) 12
EAN-Case 4000735716708
net weight / Dispenser (kg) 1,24
Pack scheme pallet (amount x layer) 20 x 17
Pallet height (cm) 213
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Frequently asked questions

For hygienic hand disinfection, approx. 3 ml of disinfectant is placed in cupped, dry hands and rubbed and distributed on the hands for the specified reaction time according to the standard method (EN 1500). The hands must remain moist for the entire reaction time, otherwise more hand disinfectant must be applied. Do not dry hands afterwards.

Washing hands with soap and water is the most important component of hand hygiene outside of medical facilities. It removes visible dirt and – if hands are washed methodically and for about 20-30 seconds – bacteria or viruses. Hand drying also plays an important role. Hand drying with paper towels is proven to be the most hygienic method as there is no excessive aerosol formation. It is especially important to dry the hands completely, as residual moisture on the skin facilitates the transmission of microorganisms.

Hand disinfection specifically kills microorganisms and thus reduces the probability of infection or transmission of pathogens through the hands.

Both hand washing and hand disinfection are therefore suitable for breaking chains of infection.

Both Satino disinfectants are available in the sizes SF1 (1,000 ml) and SF2 (700 ml) for the wall dispensers and the disinfection stand -large-, as well as in 5-litre canisters (SF3) for the disinfection stand -extra large-.

Satino disinfectants have a “limited virucidal effect”, which means: they are effective against all enveloped viruses. These include – besides measles, mumps or herpes viruses – the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV 2. A prerequisite for effectiveness is that the specified reaction time is observed.

Both products contain lipid-replenishing and skin-friendly ingredients that are much less stressful to the skin's protective acid mantle than water and soap. Those who frequently have to pay attention to their hand hygiene at work should not wash their hands too often, but use hand disinfection products.

Hand disinfection is useful wherever hand washing is not possible and where contact infections can occur, for example through shared handrails, handles or touch screens. However, heavily soiled hands should, if possible, be washed before hand disinfection.

Officially, it is proved in Germany to use 3-5 ml, which is roughly equivalent to a cupped hand. Effectiveness according to EN 1500 is stated for 3 ml. This is the European standard, but national authorities’ information may differ slightly. According to the guidelines of the Dutch RIVM (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu), roughly 4 ml of disinfectant are required. This is a little less than a teaspoon.

Disinfectant liquid and disinfectant gel have the necessary efficacy certificates such as EN1500 and an approval from the CTGB in the Netherlands. The Satino disinfection liquid -sensitive- product series is not registered in the Netherlands.

Both disinfection stands are equipped with their own drip trays as standard.

For the standard Satino soap dispensers (331100/331060/331530/331540) we will also have a drip tray available from May 2021: the Satino by WEPA Drip Tray 333050 for separate installation.


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