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Now that’s clever: hygiene in a box

If the demand for hand hygiene increases suddenly, the new recyclable Satino by WEPA towel dispensers are a perfect solution: be it at home or in public, as a mobile supplement or an eco-friendly alternative to dispensers made of ABS, metal or stainless steel.

Sometimes it takes a crisis to remember the essential. Hand hygiene certainly made a comeback in the past year: Washing hands thoroughly for 30 seconds made its way into the private everyday sphere. Hand hygiene not only provides personal protection, it is also a responsible contribution by each individual when it comes to limiting infection rates.

But even where towels, hand dryers or towel dispensers are available: What can be done when there’s a sudden, temporary increase in demand for hand hygiene? When companies or authorities, clubs or schools intend to ensure that everything’s sanitary? When more people than usual are present at future company events, family celebrations or other occasions?

Satino by WEPA has devised a clever solution for precisely these cases: Hygiene in a box – the new, recyclable towel dispensers which are not only eco-friendly but also immediately ready for use wherever they’re needed.

The brown towel dispenser is made of cardboard and intended for short-term use at events of any size; it can be refilled during the event. However, it is also clever for use at home, in hobby rooms or workshops.

Both dispensers are delivered in a filled state; they are made predominantly of regionally collected recycled paper and are partially certified FSC-RC. At the end of their service life, they are simply discarded as waste paper. 

The cardboard dispensers can be attached using the integrated adhesive tape or screws; boreholes are already laid out. And if you do decide after all to go with a conventional dispenser: The boreholes are identical to those of Satino by WEPA ABS dispensers.


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