Kitchen rolls from Satino by WEPA: more economical than ever before

An update for Satino by WEPA kitchen rolls now means more paper per sales unit. But that's not the only bonus.

64 sheets per roll instead of the previous 50 or 51 sheets – this means that kitchen rolls from Satino by WEPA now offer significantly more paper than before, providing genuine added value for our customers and all end consumers. This plus in terms of product does not only meet the purchasing trend towards larger units but also brings advantages in terms of service and personnel costs: refill intervals are reduced thanks to more than 20% more paper per roll.

Proven quality in the kitchen and familiar handling in terms of logistics

What remains are the tried-and-trusted specifications. Satino Prestige kitchen rolls are the ideal choice for maximum demands in kitchens, gastronomy and catering. They are made of 100% cellulose and combine best absorbency with high strength. Satino Comfort kitchen rolls in 100% recycled quality on the other hand provide professional hygiene with environmental standards. The new, compact winding of the 64-sheet rolls also has a practical added effect in both product lines: the structure of the roll is given more stability.

With the update, roll size and pack size as well as pallet dimensions remain the same; handling and logistics can therefore be carried out as usual.

Benefits for the environment

The environment also benefits from upgrading to 64 sheets. Fewer cardboard tubes mean less packaging waste, whilst cutting down on packaging foil – compared to the amount of paper – helps to save raw materials, reduce transport and avoid harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Satino Prestige and Satino Comfort kitchen rolls with 64 sheets bear the EU Ecolabel and are certified for short-term direct contact with food. Satino Prestige rolls are also FSC® Mix certified.

Satino By WEPA kitchen rolls

Temporarily, previous and updated items may coexist. We will try to keep this phase as short as possible. The respective versions can be identified by their article number.



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