High-quality hygiene becomes mobile: the multi-purpose wipes in a box

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Wipe, wipe up, keep clean, dry your hands: the self-deploying multi-purpose wipes in a box are a solution from Satino by WEPA for anyone who values ready-to-hand, high-quality hygiene - both in a commercial environment and at home.

This is how hygiene should be in everyday life: within reach, compact and quickly to hand. The multi-purpose wipes in the box in soft, absorbent premium quality do all of this: prepare the box, open the pull tab, remove the wipes one by one and use them - the tissue paper is self-unfolding, so there is no need to tear it off. 

The design box made of recyclable cardboard has been tried and tested by a test community and we have perfected it on the basis of this experience: for example, the pull tab can be enlarged so that the wipes can be removed hygienically even when they are low and in any situation.

Hygiene where it belongs 

The multi-purpose wipes in the box are ideal wherever hygiene is part of daily business and needs to be to hand - e.g. in cosmetics or tattoo studios or in the perfumery trade. In the office or company, they are a high-quality and quick alternative to classic napkins in the pantry, break room or at the workplace itself, and they score points as practical helpers in environments such as kindergartens, clubhouses, at trendy food trucks or at outdoor events.

The multi-purpose wipes are also all-rounders in the home: as a replacement for napkins, in the hobby room, kitchen or guest bathroom - and of course when travelling by car, on a picnic or in a camper van.

The box is available in two versions - with a choice of 200 (2-ply) or 150 (3-ply) sheets of soft and particularly absorbent premium cloths made from FSC-mix certified cellulose. Good to know for public procurement: the multi-purpose wipes in the box are EU Ecolabel certified.



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