Circular Services by WEPA enables paper retrieval for your Satino towel papers

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New WEPA Professional Service Brand for sustainable circular solutions

From top-quality hygiene paper to modern dispenser systems, disinfectants, and washroom accessories – Satino by WEPA stands for quality and comfort in washrooms. As a market leader in the field of recycled papers, we have always placed a high value on sustainability. Now, we are expanding our offerings with innovative circular services.

Professional hygiene solutions enhanced by circular services

With Circular Services by WEPA, we enhance our Satino products with another innovation: circular solutions and services for more sustainable washrooms! This brings together products and services and enables comprehensive concepts for your visitors while achieving your hygiene goals. We continue the path for professional hygiene solutions.

Under Circular Services by WEPA, we will publish all information about our projects in the field of circular economy and collection concepts. We make the circular concept implementable for your organization and simplify the topic of sustainability in your washrooms.

Satino by WEPA paper collection with Circular Services by WEPA

Discover our innovative circular solutions: the paper retrieval of Satino towel papers. Used towel paper from your organization becomes a valuable raw material for new hygiene paper.

The process is simple. Your used Satino towel paper is no longer disposed of as residual waste but is collected separately and used as raw material for the production of new hygiene paper. This paper is then reused in your washrooms.

The loop closes. Circular Services by WEPA makes it possible.

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Circular Services by WEPA
Circular Services by WEPA


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