Paper towels

Folded towels from Satino by WEPA – efficient, comfortable and functional in all variants: in fresh cellulose or as sustainable recycled quality and in all common fold types.

Prestige towel paper

Bright white folded towels made of 100% cellulose and from sustainable forestry. Premium quality…

Comfort towel paper

Top performance with hygiene, efficiency and environmental friendliness: 100% recycled quality for…

Smart towel paper

The clever product range made from 100% recycled materialwith optimised sizes.

Satino PureSoft towel paper

The first premium towel paper from Satino by WEPA in 100% recycled quality made from corrugated…

Liquify towel paper

The 200% hygiene paper against clogged pipes: 100% reliable in use, 100% quickly dissolving – all…


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