Real benefits

New Satino packaging for easier communication.

Satino, our language talent

New Satino packaging for easier communication. Translations in up to 18 languages facilitate the identification of products, and open up international sales opportunities. Less effort - more time for your business!

Barcodes for more vigour in business

Creativity and commerce are the perfect combination with Satino by WEPA. The best example: our smart Barcodes. A quick glance is enough to see the content and the corresponding dispensers.

Carrying handle

All Satino by WEPA prestige toilet paper bags have a carrying handle. Easy to attach and always close to hand, e.g. on service and cleaning trolleys or in storerooms.

Satino extra self-explaining icons

Put an end to long searches in the warehouse and logistics! Clear icons on the packaging of Satino by WEPA products display features including the number of layers and ply.

A birds eye perspective has its benefits

Focus on your business – Satino will do the rest! You will now find product-relevant icons on the lid of all the paper towel packaging in the Satino by WEPA design.

Easy Going!

All Satino by WEPA toilet papers and kitchen rolls have an “Easy Open“ perforation and all Satino by WEPA towel paper boxes have an “Easy Open and Carry“ function.


This “match“ is a win for you. It brings the consumables and the dispensers together! Therefore we have provided all Satino by WEPA products and dispensers with a simple and comprehensible coding.

The coding can be found on all Satino by WEPA packaging as well as in the dispenser, in catalogues and on our website.


Curious and interested in working together? Our employees will be pleased to assist you on all questions concerning our products. Please contact us - we look forward to hearing from you.

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South-East Europe
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